Nokia 3555

nokia3555flipphone.jpgThe Nokia 3555 is similar to the Nokia 6555 minus the HDSPA capability. In brief, the Nokia 3555 is a thin, high-tech phone that lets users connect to the mobile world in style. Boasting of high-end features despite its small size, the Nokia 3555 has a VGA camera with portrait viewfinder to enable users take portrait photos of themselves easily and more effectively. The camera is even better with a 4x digital zoom which let users take photos even without going closer to the subject. The Nokia 3555 is a sleek and slim mobile phone that users would be proud to show off to their friends despite being an entry level Nokia model. Connecting your phone to the computer can be done without the need for wires through the Nokia 3555’s Stereo Wireless Bluetooth technology. The Nokia 3555 also connects to the mobile internet through EDGE, GPRS and 3G. The Nokia 3555 is also a multimedia phone with support for video recording and streaming videos. Nokia 3555 users can also chat with their friends and family through AOL, ICQ and Yahoo instant messaging services. Other features of the Nokia 3555 include; various music format support (MP3, WMA, AAC), photo caller ID, easy text input, support for microSD card, various organizational tools such as calendar, alarm clock, calculator and phonebook and many more. The Nokia 3555 is powered by Lion battery that gives 3.4 talk hours and 11 days of standby time if charge fully. Accessories available at


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