Telus to go GSM?

The National Post reported recently that it is only a matter of time before Telus moves to GSM.  I tend to agree with him but I can see a lot of people being unhappy.  It was not an easy tansition from tdma to gsm about 10 years ago.  There was a transition period where people could use either thier old tdma (digital) phones or thier gsm but eventually thier old ntwork has been phased out.  But in the long run it was a good thing becasue Rogers customers can now use thier phone almost anywhere.  Before the change Rogers customers could not use thier phone when travelling abroad.  GSM is the world standard and it is about time everyone caught up. The cdma technology Telus uses now is even less available then tdma ever was so in the end  I think Telus customers will enjoy the change after the initial  growing pains.


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