Samsung A736 to Rogers

Recently Rogers introduced the A736 to its lineup of phones. This newest phone, a slider, is quad band and thus will work almost anywhere in the world. But on the plus side this phone is 3g meaning super fast download rates great for games and music. It also has great video telephony so you can communicate face to face with your caller. It also has a built in mp3 player when used with the 3g network means you can get your favorite songs downloaded to your phone fast!


  • quad edge dual band
  • 100x48x15.5mm
  • 95g
  • talk time 2.5hrs standby 200 hrs max.
  • phone book 1000 names
  • 45mb memory 20 mb for internet download expandable to 4g
  • sms and mms capable
  • 1.3 megapixel camera qcif video
  • bluetooth capable

I was actually quite impressed with this phone it looks sleek with its metaclic fiish and hidden keyboard. The keyboard is not individual buttons so findng the correct ones by feel while doing other things is impossible. Since by feel there is no distinct keys. But I did like the slidng mechansim itself it feels strong like it will last not like some I have felt proving that it is a quality built phone. Many American carriers have carried this phone since Oct of 2007 but with some carriers it is known as the A737 the different numbers for the different carriers only.

Accessories for the A736


3 responses to “Samsung A736 to Rogers

  1. I love the phone. It’s sturdy, sleek, easy to use. It has a teriffic PC software bundle, but the only problem is the smal and flat keyboard.

  2. it seems like a lot of phones are going to that flat keypad design. Some of my customers are blind so between that and touch screen they feel left out.

  3. I had this phone for two weeks and the glass managed to get scratched up badly one day when it was in my pocket with a coin – shouldn’t have happened. I was pretty upset, and Rogers (via Samsung) told me it would be $75 to get it fixed. Got it back and now it doesn’t feel right, it’s a little loose.

    It’s too bad I’ve had these problems because it otherwise is a great phone – Rogers doesn’t promote it at all and I love the fact that it’s a rarity. Just be careful with the glass.

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