Motorola Q to Rogers

q3.jpgIn the last Quarter of 2007 Rogers introduced a very cool phone. The Motorola Q 9h in Canada only through Rogers. The Q is a 3g smart phone so the data speeds are amazing With the HSPA can di 3.6mb per second. Built in Qwerty keyboard, gps, 2.0 megapixel camera with flash and 15 frams per second video! It also has a micro SD slot. So it is great for buisinesses and people on the go. Get those emails fast and easy with the windows mobile 6. Emails come in thier original format and all word or excell files can be edited while on the road. The email push technology ensures they are replied to fast so you can close that deal. Complete syncing with Outlook makes this the perfect work partner. Sms, mms and Im ensures you reach those important people fast and the gps feature ensures you are never late for that important meeting.


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