Cell Phone Accessories

Car Chargers

When you’re on the road, there are times when it isn’t convenient to find a place to recharge your cell phone battery. Cell phone chargers are available which allow you to plug your cellular phone in to the cigarette lighter to recharge the battery. Many of the top quality chargers use an integrated chip that charges a 600 mAH phone battery from empty to full in less than an hour. The charger’s switching circuit has been designed to recognize a full battery and will automatically switch off.

Hands-Free Sets
In some states it is already illegal to drive while talking on the cell phone. Other states are considering similar legislation because of the number of deadly accidents that have been caused by inattentive drivers who do more talking than watching the road. Hands free cellular accessories allow you to mount your phone for easy dialing, answering and to wear a headset or microphone for convenient talking. They’re safe, convenient and – since some cellular phones respond to voice activation – round out the package to make the driving experience as safe as possible. With the advent of Bluetooth, trendy hands-free kits can also contain LED displays, voice dialing functions and caller ID displays. A swivel clip can clip it on to clothing for use outside the car as well.

Belt Clips/Holsters (Cell Phone Holders)
As an alternative to the cell phone case, which completely covers the device, belt clips and holsters allow you to attach the unit to your belt, purse or pocket while keeping the bulk of the phone uncovered. Just a simple click on or off, and you can make a call when you need to and clip it back into place without a lot of fuss. The added perk to this type of accessory is that you don’t have to struggle with a plastic covering that can hinder your ability to quickly place or answer calls when necessary.

Personalize Your Cell Phone
Will all of the options to personalize your cell phones these days, they can be used as an expression of your very self, or just to spice things up a bit so that you’ll be able to locate your phone at a glance. Just as the first land lines – which were nothing but black boxes that offered nothing in the way of mobility – have evolved through the years, so have mobile phones. With the choices that today’s market has to offer, there’s no need to walk around with a dull, black hand-held unit that reflects nothing about who you are. Instead, you can use your cell phone as an extension of your interests, hobbies and personality – for a very reasonable price


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