GSM comes to Prince Rupert to Prince George corridor

Rogers Wireless comes to Prince Rupert.
March 13 of this year, Rogers GSM service officially launched in Prince Rupert. This is the first stage of a 10 million dollar investment by Rogers to give full GSM service between Prince George and Prince Rupert.
With the recent growth of Prince Rupert with the port and cruise industry bringing GSM in only makes sense. Gordon Nelson a Rogers Vice President is quoted as saying “You have a lot of activity going on in the city with the expansion of the port, the cruise ship industry growth ant it’s a great tourist destination. The Prince George corridor is very, very important to our customers. This level of expansion will enhance our connection to the world”
Currently there are four operational sites in Prince Rupert stretching to the Terrace area. It is hoped by June that this will increase to 17 including enhanced Terrace coverage. It is hoped that Smithers, Kitimat and Hazelton will be up next year.
This is a huge deal for Rogers as until now truckers hauling in this corridor leaving Prince George have not been able to use their phone outside of Vanderhoof and even then only if they are lucky. This has put Rogers at a huge disadvantage in Northern BC. It has been the primary reason Rogers has often been the last choice among consumers when looking to buy a cell phone in this area.
But the addition of Rogers GSM between Prince George and Prince Rupert will go a long way to changing that. It will mean that not only can people in Smithers for instance enjoy GSM data speeds but that people in Prince Rupert will be able to use the iphone when it hits the Canadian market. It means people in this area now have a choice of subscribers they did not have previously and more exciting a choice of phones as well as smart phones.
If Prince Rupert takes off and becomes the international hub everyone expects and people from all over come with their GSM phones in hand this can only help both Prince George and Prince Rupert in the long run gain on the international stage.
I think the big question will be in my mind can Rogers stick to their stated time table? All this was originally thought to be in place last year, while weather prevented the start they thought they would get surly poor weather on highway 16 should not come as any surprise in November when they were first looking at doing the work. I would also like to see them with the same commitment heading north beyond McKenzie. The mountains and the passes make getting coverage everywhere in this area difficult. As providing cell phone coverage to the Praries is much easier then through the Pine Pass or isolated areas out west however more can be done. And thankfully is.


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  3. Hi there you left a comment on my blog about coverage in the prince Rupert area thank you. I am not comfortable with publishing your phone number for the world to see so I did not post your comment but in that area I have a sister in the charlottes and her phone does not work at all. She is with rogers but as far as I know it does not matter no phone does. For the other areas there is a company called city tel you may want to look into as I think they do the other areas the best of the bunch.
    I highly recommend checking out the above links and perhaps checking out the company….thanks Trish

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