Disposable $10 phone the anti-iphone

Today May 23 2008 exciting news came out. A fairly unknown company Hop-on out of California introduced what is being billed as the “Anti-iphone” it is very simplistic in nature. The Hop 1800 is the perfect GSM phone for traveling around and the best part of it all is it is not only unlocked but $10. Just $10! All you need to do is buy a sim card and away you go.
• Size: 96.6mm(D)x41.6mm(W)x14mm(H)
• Weight: 77g
• Bands: Dual-band 850/1900MHz or 900/1800MHz (2 different models)
• Battery: Standard Li-Ion 600mAh
• Battery Life: Talk time 4 hours; Standby time 150 hours
• Ringer: Polyphonic (16 Midi)
• Embedded Vibration: Yes
• SIM Lock: Yes
• Keypad Lock: Yes
The specs are nothing to get excited over but then what did you want for $10. My first concern about hearing this phone was how much it would contribute to waste in this already disposable society. The company thinks it has the answer with a $5 rebate to encourage recycling in an effort to go green. I am really not sure how that would work as how many people would just pocket the money and go? But I am sure they have worked that out somehow.
The other thing that jumped out at me was it is only dual band. Which limits the countries it can be used it but is set to work with T-mobile, Cingular and AT&T as well as Rogers in Canada. Because of the low cost of this phone though look for exciting co branding opportunities; you could have a phone with your favorite team’s logo on it. Or stores could put their own logo on it. Picture the 7-11 phones. Perhaps even car manufactures could put on in their cars for emergencies. Not sure if I like advertising for a company everytime I use my phone but it is $10.
The thing that I noticed as well is there is no display on this phone. So there is no stored contacts. If you don’t know that phone number off by heart you are in trouble. But one major use I can see for this phone is with the family vacation. Imagine mom and dad and the 2 kids going to Disneyland. Each has their own phone so nobody gets lost. To many parents that is priceless.

USA/Canada 1900
Europe 900/1800
Middle East 900/1800
Africa 900/1800
Asia 900/1800
Australia/New Zealand 900/1800
Caribbean 800/900

North Central Communications


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