The Blackberry remote!

    Ok so the cell phone has enabled some of us to get rid of a lot of things we used to carry. No longer do we need to always carry a digital camera, an address book or agenda. Smart phones have made a lot of things obsolete. Now a new application from a Markham Ontario company wants to extend that even further.
     Unity4life has developed software so that Blackberry users can control entertainment devices from in their home. Ditch that remote. The software is downloaded to the Blackberry and then the infrared port sends commands to the TV to change the channel. Just like a universal remote. So you can turn on the TV or the stereo or the radio from your phone. In the future it hopes to permit controls of thermostats and intercoms and even lights. Not only will it power them for you but will act as an onscreen programmer as well. So load in that cd, look at the play list on your Blackberry and choose your song! Check out this picture from their web site!

     The picture on the left shows the hub station that would sit on top of the tv and the other pictures are of the different options that would show on your Blackberry device. A 2yr subscription will set you back $99US. So it is not cheap compared to a remote. But it is still very cool. I also worry about what happens if while you are watching a show your cell phone battery dies. Are you then stuck on that channel? For people who will not get up to change the channel on the TV, expecting them to get up to get their charger and go to where the phone is charging to turn off the TV maybe asking a bit. If you go to their web site you can order this now but it will not be delivered till September just in time for your favorite show to come back on after reruns.
And I must admit I love the idea of this being a Canadian company. The 2008 Wireless Enterprise Symposium thinks this maybe the thing to have in 2008. A big pat on the back that would be to Canadians!


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