Softbank 913sh comes to Japan looks like the LG Shine

            One of the newest phones to hit the market in Japan is the “Fullface” Softbank 913sh by Sharp. On first glance it looks to me like the LG Shine we have here.  As the picture from the Softbank website shows. As with most phones from there it is only available in Japan for use there only as it is a 3g phone.


            It looks like a very attractive phone.  The face is totally flat, giving it a smooth and sleek appearance. The face also has what is known as Sensor keys to allow you to operate the phone even when closed which is a neat feature to have. Of course it is also Bluetooth capable so some things you would not need to open the phone for anyway.  When the phone is closed you are also able to use it as a audio video device with camera and media player.  Or browse the internet with it’s wide screen and high speed 3g.  The projected download speed is 3.6Mps so it is great for viewing many sites and as is common with Japanese phones, television.

            Unlike the Lg we have here it is available in many different colors but that is understandable in fashion conscious Japan.


            It also boasts

·         2mg camera

·         Micro sd

·         Video call

·         Graphic mail

·         English/Japanese bilingual


As the table below shows it is light at 125g but still heavier then the Shine at 104. The physical size is about the same however. The battery life is about the same as the Shine as well. However like a lot of phones in Japan it is not what you can see that makes this phone stand out. But what is under the hood or in this case the slider.  The launch date for this phone is late July which in a way surprises me as we always hear how much better the phones are over there. And yet the Shine was the first out. It is important to keep in mind that the extras this phone has over the Shine are because of the 3g network not the phone itself.

            But never the less it is a very stylish phone and will be popular among females who most of the new phones are marketed to anyway. There is a  thought out there that Softbank wants to concentrate more on making their phones stylish and leave the technology to their competitors.




W50×H108×D16.8 mm (when closed, excludes protrusions)

Talk Time:
(when stationary)

280 min.

Standby Time:
(when stationary)

350 hrs.

Charge Time:

150 min.



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