Rogers introduces the Palm Centro

With all the talk of the Apple iphone coming out it is easy to miss any other cell phone news. But today Rogers announced they were going to be carrying the Palm Centro. The cost is expected to break down something like this
Monthly term… $399
1yr term $399
2yr term $349
3yr term $299

The smart phone runs on it is own Palm Os operating systems making syncing with things a challenge. The Rogers version of this phone will be cobalt blue. And be 107.22mmx53.5×18.6 and weigh 124g.
I was impressed with a lot of the specs of this phone, 320×320 pixel screen that is said to be touch screen. It also has full keyboard so to have both inputs a keyboard and touch screen is nice.
It is a quadband phone with edge technology. But no HSDPA. It also sports 64mb ram on board but expandable to 4gb. Of course as well it is Bluetooth capable. In ideal conditions it has 4hrs talk time and 300 standby which really is not bad.
From a multi media standpoint it has a small 1.3 mega pixel camera that also plays video and the ability to play music via pocket tunes. Included in the start up disc.
I do think the biggest draw for phones like this is the internet capablities. I mean is this really a good phone to have if you can not get your emails when you need them? And as far as that goes, it has push technology so you can get your emails as they come. It also allows you to view most Office documents and pdf files.
Considering Apple announced today they are coming out with a 3g version of their phone I hope this one does not get lost in the shuffle.


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