Nokia 2125i CDMA

Noki1 2125i

Lightweight design with chrome accents, an internal antenna and 96 x 65 pixel display in 65,536 colours
Bring things to light with the easy-to-activate flashlight
Talk handsfree with the integrated speakerphone
Stay on task with tools like the calendar, alarm clock and calculator
Stay connected Stay connected Voice dialing, recording and commands
Stay in the loop when on the go with the mobile Internet (Internet content/services designed for mobile devices)
Store up to 250 contacts in your phone book
Connect to friends and family with text messaging and picture message templates
Predictive text input
Personalize your caller ID with fun graphics
Make it yours, have fun Make it yours, have fun Enjoy richer sounding polyphonic ring tones
Express yourself with downloadable ring tones and Xpress-on™ colour covers (sold separately)
Take the fun with you with preloaded games
Specifications 800/1900 MHz CDMA plus 800 MHz AMPS band/mode
Weight: 85 g with battery
Dimensions: 102.4 mm x 42.2 mm x 21.5 mm
Power ManagementBattery Capacity Talk time Standby time

Accessories available here!



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