Rogers changes thier iphone plans slightly

MONTREAL – After consumer complaints about the costs of running an iPhone, Rogers Wireless (TSX:RCI.B) is cutting the price of the smartphone’s data plan to $30 a month for a limited time.

The $30 monthly fee for data applies to a three-year contract for customers who activate their iPhones by Aug. 31.

The data plan rate is for Web browsing, emails and video.

Rogers says the six-gigabyte data plan will allow users to visit 36,000 Web pages, send or receive more than 157,000 emails or watch almost 6,300 minutes of YouTube videos each month.

The much-anticipated iPhone goes on sale this Friday at select Rogers Plus stores in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary and Vancouver.

Rogers says customers will also have the choice of selecting existing Rogers voice and smartphone data plans.

The iPhone will cost $199 and Rogers is the only Canadian carrier that has a network capable of running the high-end, touch-screen multimedia phone.
Canada press


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