About North Central Communications

<a href=”North Central Communications has been in the cell phone business for over 8 years.  We mostly deal with cell phone accessories but the cell phones themselves as well.  We are based in British Columbia Canada and have experience with Telus Rogers and Bell but also any other carrier out there from other countries. That includes Nokia to Motorola from Lg to Samsung.  Need a new car charger for that Chocolate or Razr phone?  Check us out. We also offer a huge selection of Bluetooth hands free for any cell phone you may have. The beauty of North Central Communications is not only superior service but a vast network of suppliers that I buy from so I can easily get the accessory that someone else may not be able to. Especially those dealers who must by from the approved sources. I deal almost entirely with after market stuff but if you need OEM please let me know. Also my strength lies in knowing the compatibility of phones. I know what accessory will work with your phone something I find most stores lack. For instance that the Razr and the Slvr take the same charger. Or that a battery for a Rogers LG Chocolate phone will not fit the Telus version. And when you buy from me it is that knowledge and experience you are buying. That will make your buying experience head and shoulders above the rest. If you have any questions or are trying to find that hard to find part please email me at Trish@northcentralcommunications.ca

Thank you


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